This 2020 has been a particular and difficult year for everyone, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the inability to leave the house, new pastimes have been born: games for Android. I did a web search as I wanted to know which games were most used during this pandemic pandemic!

Here they are:

Pokémon Go

Titled “Game of the Year!”


In all its versions(for Android GTA San Andreas-GTA Vice City-Grand Theft Auto)

Candy Crush Saga

Time passes,however,Candy Crush Saga is always a game widely used to chase away boredom.

Subway Surfer

Always on the crest of the wave !! This game is a classic Runner Game, with more than millions of downloads!

Clash Of Clans

A heavily played game for Android

Clash Royale is a game

From the same creators as the previous one, this game came out this year with incredible success!

Hungry Shark Evolution 

Normal Hungry Shark has already had a lot of downloads, then this version came out, with about 4 million downloads.

Trivia Crack 

All Italians taking part in these quizzes measure their level of culture.

Dream League Soccer

The most beautiful football game for Android, highly played

Sonic Dash

Sonic, a very popular character, takes part in these very funny runners!

Magic Tiles(piano)

This game is a pastime, but also an excuse to listen to good music!

My Talking Tom

This hugely popular kitten, called Tom, has made a big hit for young and old alike.


Pou is a very cute and sweet little animal that needs to be taken care of every day!

The Sims

I really like this game, among the various versions most are on Android

Geometry Dash

Great game and a lot of fun

Temple Run 2

The continuation of Temple Run, a famous running game.

These are the most used games in this pandemic, which do not make us think about what we are really experiencing.

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