Who are the most beautiful men in the world? But more than anything else you are wondering why is there a ranking? Well yes. Here we are not talking about the people you may like the most but about the most beautiful men according to science and mathematics. After various and various experiments and visions of many men, they finally managed to make the ranking this year. In addition, there will be a small biography and private life of each man. Well, I’d say start.

Let’s start with 10th place: with 87.48% beauty In 10th  place ranks Ryan Gosling the fantastic protagonist of La La Land (the pleasant musical with Emma Stone) and The pages of our life (moving romantic film with Rachel McAdams). He fits in the ranking not only for his nose but also for his lips. The Canadian actor (also director)  has been with actress Eva Mendes since 2011.

Do you like him? Leave me some comments about him and…try to guess who is the next beautiful man on my list!

Every night I’ll publish the next position on the list until the very top 3!

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