The modern war

We always think that we only read about war in History’s book and that people like Hitler doesn’t exist anymore. But even today we hear about war: in Ukraine the war has broken out only because two places declared themselves independent, while Russia thinks that these two places belong to her; also, Russia doesn’t want that Ukraine enters the NATO because if it joined to this association the USA would have a powerful country near Russia. After this war broke out, Russia was excluded from any worldwide participation, included sports.

Our world has already been put to a hard test by Corona virus that killed many people, and also now it is fighting to destroy this virus, how is it possible to think about a war? But there is somebody that thinks to impose his power, that is Vladimir Putin who doesn’t care about the lives of many innocent citizens by bombing schools and hospitals.

Many families have been forced either to hide in subways or to flee from their own country, and many parents are forced to leave their children to be able to save them: in fact, lots of children go to foreigner countries in search for salvation.

Putin leaves no room for diplomacy and for the constant calls for peace proposed by leaders from all over the world, and the worst thing is that he is surrounded by like-minded people, who are therefore not opposing to all this horror.

The sad result is that, according to the human rights reports, the number of deaths and injuries is high, even higher than what is publicly said, especially in government-controlled territories.

Alessandro Pio Cambria 2 D

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Alessandro Pio Cambria


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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