The magic of talent shows

The talent show is a show based on performances by non-professional artists who intend to demonstrate their “talent” in public. Many of these events, such as Amici of Maria De Filippi,

X-factor or Tale e quale shows are structured in the form of a competition in which some kind of prize is awarded. Many of these talents (like for example X factor) are international, so, they are followed by the whole world!

Those who have a talent and want to make themselves known to the world can not make a better choice than to participate in a talent show because they are excellent springboards, both for the opportunity they offer, such as: chasing your dream, giving you the opportunity to study your discipline more in-depth and above all to provide you with the right tools to do so, both because being programs followed by millions of people, you are given the opportunity to make you known and noticed.

In most of these programs, the center of everything is music, for example, Amici can enter dancers and singers, to X-Factor and the Voice only singers  

To date there are several talents, coming out of these talent shows, who have come a long way, so much so as to become famous and known all over the world, for example, the Måneskin who participated in X-Factor and later won Sanremo, today they make international tours that go immediately sold-out; Even the summer hits of Irama, San Giovanni, Gaia, Elodie or Alessandra Amoroso have sold millions of copies and received several platinum records.

Even if the talent is won only by one person, they still give a great opportunity to anyone who participates, and even if you do not win it, if it is the talent you will still make your way.

To conclude, I can say that watching these programs is a nice pastime and not only to discover always t and especially in the period of covid in which we were locked in quarantine, but some of these talents also continued to air and so seeing them at that time conveyed a feeling of lightness and for a few moments made you forget about what was happening in the world.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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