Christmas is about to come, the atmosphere is so magic…the lights, the adornment, the traditional symbols, the celebrations with the family and a lot of other things, that make it amazing.

Nevertheless, this festivity, over time, has lost his spiritual dimension; by now, it mostly assumes social, economic and folkloristic purposes, because the true sense of Christmas has been destroyed by consumerism, since, sometimes, the truly important things are overlooked in place of irrelevant ones.

Despite everything, Christmas still preserves many values and it gives us a message of peace, love and also solidarity.

This festivity commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who had given us the essential certitude that we are not lonely because he is always with us, in order to create light also in the darkest moments.  Based upon his teachings, we must be supportive with the neighbor, in fact precisely on the theme of SOLIDARITY, the famous adage“around Christmas time everyone behave well”should be kept in mind by all of us to improve ourselves and our behavior towards the others, so it’s not just a trivial common saying.

Of course, every single act of altruism could be useful and now I’ll show you some of the greatest examples of solidarity  tasks either in Italy or in the rest of the world during this Christmas:

  • WWF → The project exhorts us to adopt,  at a distance, species of animals, which risk the extinction. We can support the nature with this simple act.    
  • BOXING DAY → it’s celebrated on the 26th of December and takes place in UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It dates back in XIX century, when the noble families used to offer to the poor people, boxes full of food for the Christmas lunch. This tradition has been lost over time, though; indeed nowadays it become the first day of sales.  
  • “SUSPENDED PANETTONE” in Milan→ it consists in a donation of a panettone, that has a dual-purpose:  
  • Support the scientific research for the multiple sclerosis;
  • Offer a panettone for needy families, elderly people and homeless people.

It’s very similar with the “suspended Santa Claus” for the children, anyway both of the ideas were born from the desire to ensure that even those who are fragile and in difficulty could feel happier on Christmas day. It is a little gesture of sharing and inclusion.  UNICEF →

“Compassion and Solidarity are fundamental values, but children need above all concrete actions” → This is the motto of the UNICEF battle against malnutrition of the children; who will be given essential Christmas presents: sachets of therapeutic food, which include all of the nutritional values.

Certainly all of them are fantastic initiatives, which are really of help for those who live in the margins on in a situation of poverty, that has recently increased. This situation can stimulate us to act every day, in some way…Do you have any ideas?

I’ve pondered a lot about it and I think that solitude is one of the worst internal poverty and the solidarity among us is necessary in this case; therefore if I could, I would organize a big Christmas dinner in the varied city squares of the world, in order to make no one feels lonely. In this way we could  find Christmas spirit inside us.

It’s a bit like “Scrooge” do you know the story?  I suppose, you do. In any case it is a meaningful story, written by Charles Dickens. The protagonist is a businessman, who isn’t able to appreciate the values of Christmas, after three ghosts  had visited him, his heart filled up of love though. Since that moment he understood the importance of every little moments of happiness and especially he realized how much wonderful is helping others.

Many times we behave as Scrooge and we forget  to be grateful for the little things, which make us truly happy. We simply have to be good persons towards ourselves and towards the other people…

“It’s Christmas every time you allow God to love others through you”. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

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