The pandemic and the presence of this virus in our lives, in addition to determining a change in our daily routines, have had a great impact on various sectors, affecting, in particular, the Italian tourism sector which represents a fundamental part of the entire economy of the country.

All the restrictions imposed by our government meant that in 2020 there were mass cancellations by most tourists,

while the year before the outbreak of the emergency (2019) Italy was placed fourth among EU countries in terms of the number of people accommodated. All tourists whose destination is one of the Italian cities are welcomed by a wide variety of hotels, almost 33 thousand that are classified according to certain criteria and the services they offer.

Tourism in Italy is not lacking, both in the winter season which is mainly concentrated in the northern regions that offer large ski resorts and avant-garde facilities and in the summer season, especially in the central-southern regions where there are equipped bathing establishments and hotels with

swimming pools and other services to be used during the warmer seasons.

In particular, we are going to analyze the range of hotels which have been attributed from 4 to 5 stars, that is the structures which offer more services.

First of all, at the base of a good hotel, there is definitely the availability of the staff in helping you with any kind of problem you may have and above all the care of hygiene inside your room where you are going to stay and not only.

Secondly, what differentiates a luxury hotel from an ordinary hotel are definitely the services offered by the structure, which may vary if it is a mountain or seaside resort.

Generally from a ⅘ star hotel, one expects luxury, which for example can manifest itself with spaces

dedicated to relaxation such as wellness centers or for those who love sports, the presence of a well-equipped gym would be ideal.

If the structure is located in a mountain area, some hotels allow you to relax in pools with heated water and at the same time admire the mountain landscape in which you are immersed.

If, on the other hand, these are facilities intended mainly to spend the summer season, you cannot miss swimming pools, Jacuzzis, or even direct access to the beach.

Surely the liking of the services offered by the structure depends on the preferences of the individual tourist who may prefer to take a walk surrounded by nature rather than spend time in a spa; it may also depend on the choice of accommodation as some facilities offer certain activities instead of others.

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