Since 2007 he has been suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis. His illness led him to become one of the very few bee venom experts in Italy.

This is the story of Andrea Licari 43 years old, from Marsala.  

In the past he was an expert in computer science. Later he became a beekeeper for passion but also for the need to relieve the pains related to his illness.

Today Andrea moves with the help of a wheelchair, his life has changed in a flash. From here, he started studying multiple sclerosis, getting to know it better. Among blog sites and forums consulted all over the world, he found a word that immediately jumped to his eyes: ‘bee venom’ and from there began this visceral and loving relationship with this extraordinary being.

Today Andrea is one of the very few bee venom experts in Italy. It is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory certainly not a cure for sclerosis.

The need to have more bee families was the next step, thus becoming a passion that today leads him to manage ten hives. This is why Andrea, even if in a wheelchair, discovered himself as a beekeeper, knowing the world of bees at 360 degrees: from honey to royal jelly, from wax to propolis, to the precious poison. In 2014 he, officially, became a beekeeper expert. In the same year was organized the first course for professionals about “bee venom” in Palermo. Now he wants to make his dream come true: to create a barrier-free and socio-inclusive educational apiary in his city. The disability did not stop him and he, who has now become the “lord of bees”, also trusts in that poison that is helping him to face a difficult battle.

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