Thanks to its breathtaking landscapes, scents and exciting history, Sicily is one of those wonderful places that brings you in an “Earthly Paradise” where the sun warms your heart and the waves calm down your thoughts.

Although it could seem enough, there is an interesting archaeological site in Agrigento, which takes back to the past. There are the remains of the ancient Valley of the Temples and you can live in a dream with Greek heroes and gods.

The temples stand atop the ripple of a valley, parallel to the horizon line, thus offering gorgeous views, especially as the sun goes down when the sunset light turns them on red. UNESCO registered the Valley of the Temples as a World Heritage Site in 1997 also because of the emotions and the unbroken bond with the past.

The area is enclosed by more than 1300 hectares of “vegetable patriarchs” for instance olive and beech trees; a garden that looks like those ones described by Virgil.

The Concordia is certainly the most beautiful temple, because it has remained intact with all its superb columns, pediments and staircases.

The magnificence of this temple is a wonder, since it has withstood every change for a long time. Numerous people, who settled in Sicily, visited these Greek stones.

Finally, why is it so important to give life to the past? The latter teaches the origins of societies and cultures, leads to the knowledge of own roots, brings closer to a distant, but somewhat familiar world, which you have inheritated.  In Agrigento you can breathe the past that creeps into your present.

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