Do you know the story of the headless horse from Via Crociferi?

After reading this post you will no longer walk via Crociferi without stretching your ear waiting for the noise of the hooves on the base.

It seems that in Catania, in 1700 in what is now one of the busiest streets of the Etnean nightlife, lovers met, men ready to betray their best friends, to design conspiracies and to design, in secret, of the wrongdoings, yes just terrible things.

In short, those who went to Via Crociferi did not really want to be recognized or discovered, for this reason someone began to circulate the word that on that stretch of road a headless horse hung from when the sun went down until shortly before dawn.

A strategic way to keep the curious away, but the innocents didn’t waste time to fall for it, except a young man only apparently brave. The boy made a bet with his friends and it cost him his life.

According to the bet, the young man, without showing any fear, promised his friends a solo night walk in Via Crociferi. To prove that he had passed there he would have put a nail under the Arch of the monastery of San Benedetto.

At midnight, the boy was under the arch of the Benedictines to hammer the nail. What he did not realize was that a piece of his cloak was trapped right in the nail, stuck in the stone, so that when he was leaving, he felt restrained by someone or something. Believing the headless horse have grabbed him, he died instantly of a heart attack. Since then, it has taken years for someone to set foot on Via Crociferi at night.

It is said that even today, in the middle of the night, someone can hear the sound of the hooves of a horse on the basolato.



Andrea Buffardeci


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