A prince called Llewellyn lived in a big stone castle in Wales. One day the he decided to go
hunting, and he left his baby with his dog Gelert. After a few hours a wolf entered the house.
Gelert started the fight, but after a while they were both hurt. The wolf bit Gelert’s neck but it bit
his throat back. The wolf died slowly in a dark corner in the house. The same night the prince
come back home and saw the scene. He killed the dog because he thought it had killed his baby,
but suddenly he saw the dead wolf and the baby started crying. He was alive! So the prince
decided to bury the dog and bring him some flowers everyday and said “Good morning old old
If you visit the graveyard of Beddgelert in Wales today, you can see the old tombstone and read
Gelert’s story there.

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Francesca Scafati


2ªB Staffoli