The Kingdom of Dispersed Waste…

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time , Otl, a nice plastic bottle who had lost his way home, in the attempt to find it again, stopped to ask for help in a strange country: the Kingdom of Dispersed Waste.

There was a terrible stench, the landscape was ugly and unpleasant, there was dirt everywhere. The Waste lived there: cans and plastic bottles, used batteries, old clothes… that people had thrown away without recycling and without respect for the environment.
The Waste all lived together waiting for each to find their own bin so they could be recycled.
“Poor us!” the Waste complained every day.
When Otl arrived, the Litter told him their story.
“I am lost too” he said, “I will stay here with you!”

One day a beautiful fairy passed by. Her name was “Riciclina”. She was the recycling fairy because with her magic wand she could transform waste into colorful and useful objects.

The fairy was shining, she traveled on her soft white cloud and went around all the cities, always ready to help everyone.
The plastic bottle told the fairy his adventure and the story of the Scattered Waste and said “Dear fairy, help us”.
“Of course! I will help you to find your way to the nearest recycling bins” replied the fairy.
Otl and his Waste friends set off and finally each one reached his own bin: plastic, metal, glass and organic waste.
Once evrything was in the right bin, the Recycling Fairy waved her magic wand and transformed them into colorful and useful objects, and they all began a new life.

Otl was turned into a computer. A little boy bought it, brought it home and placed it on the desk in his bedroom.
Every day the child spent a lot of time with it playing games and studying.
“Can you believe that when I was a plastic bottle I had no brain?” said the bottle, “Now instead I process information, I can connect to the internet, I have many games and programs and I am very very intelligent!”

Stappo, a metal cork, also found its place in the right bin together with many other corks. They were turned into a scooter.
“Finally, my life has changed. It was too quiet and boring, I lived in a cellar with other bottles” said “Stappo” “Now I am a scooter, I have a hectic life, I run fast and I am so happy!”.

I was a glass and now I am…

I was a newspaper and now I am…

This fairytale teaches us that if we want to respect the environment and save the Earth it is important to recycle waste.
Plastic, paper, glass and aluminium can be recycled but we have to throw them in the recycling bins.
Together we can do a lot to live in a clean environment and save nature.

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