Hello everyone, I’m Antonio Di Mauro.

The book I’m about to tell you, is one of my favorite books, I’ve read many books from the smallest to the largest, from historical books to modern books, but half of these books I was not passionate about at all, and gradually I was leaving the world of reading. But one day I found myself at a friend’s house, I went there with the purpose of playing a little with him, at some point, but he took time off to go to his mother and I took a look at his library. All of a sudden I saw a book that had a strange cover with a lion, I took that book and read the plot, it seemed interesting and I asked my friend to lend it to me. Back home I finished it in two hours because it was exciting and adventurous. The story begins like this …


First of all, I start by saying that the child and the lion is a book written by Micheal Morpurgo, author of many children’s books. The book was published in the United Kingdom by Harper Collins in 2007 and translated into Italian by Roberta Magnaghi.

It’s an adventure book set in South Africa where the protagonist spends his childhood, and in England where the protagonist lives his life.

STORY BEGINNING. The protagonist Bertie born in South Africa, lives with his parents, growing up on a remote farm in the Savana. Bertie is an only child so he suffers loneliness until morning where he meets a white lion cub whose life he saves from the attack of a herd of hyenas. The two immediately become inseparable friends until he is forced to leave for ‘England, and his lion friend is sold to a circus, but Bertie promises to never forget him …

Against the backdrop of the First World War, the story speaks of friendship and loyalty, which is why I liked it so much and also because it has an unexpected ending. I highly recommend it!

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