The jubilee of Queen Elizabeth

70 years of reign of the UK’s most loved queen

After the silver jubilee in 61977, gold in 2002, diamond in 2012, the platinum jubilee arrives in 2022 for the 95-year-old queen and with this she obtained the title of sovereign who has celebrated the most jubilees. The jubilee (from “jubilare”, that is to say urge for joy and celebrate, or from a Hebrew word meaning goat, referring to the horn used for sacred ceremonies) is usually the year dedicated to Christ, from the Jewish to the Christian tradition. The festivities started in the UK on 2nd June and ended on 5th June. The queen has almost surpassed the longest-lived of the monarchical sovereigns, Luigi XIV, with his 72-year reign, and has already passed the long reign of Queen Victoria, which lasted 62 years. After health problems, hospitalization and various doctors’ recommendations, which caused alarm in the kingdom last year, the queen celebrated 70 years of reign with the closest affections in the royal residence of Norfolk, in Sandringham , without the presence of her husband Filippo, who died last April. 41 cannon shots were fired from Green Park and 61 from the Tower of London to start the celebrations, for the occasion the schools of the kingdom planted a “jubilee tree” and many subjects participated in the Platinum Pudding competition, for which the best pudding was awarded. During the celebrations Elisabetta wished her son and heir to the throne Carlo and his wife Camilla, with words: “It is my sincere desire that, when this moment comes, Camilla is considered Queen consort … to give to Carlo and his marry the same support they gave me “; these are important words, after the shocking death of Diana, the prince’s ex-wife, to which Carlo replied with a wish to his mother and a thank you for the support she reserves for him and his wife. Also important were the words of Prime Minister Boris Jonhson: “In his seven decades of reign, he has shown a sense of duty that inspires and an unshakable dedication to the nation”, words that the whole nation supports and shares in the adoration for the Queen. Since 6 February 1952 Elizabeth is the sovereign of the United Kingdom, and today in 2022 she will celebrate 70 years of government, a nice milestone for a queen who discovered that she had received this title after the painful death of her father thousands of kilometers away, in Africa.

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