The Sanremo festival, born in 1951, is the most important musical event during the year in Italy. It was born thanks to Angelo Nicola Amato and Angelo Nizza who managed to broadcast it live on the radio. It was presented by Nunzio Filogamo and there were only three participants with the first winner, Nilla Pizzi! Then in 1955 the festival was seen for the first time on TV until today.  

This year was the seventy-second edition and the singers competing were 25 in all, including three new ones, some from the moment and others from the more mature generation. Over the past three years, its artistic director and presenter has been Amadeus. It has always been an event followed and loved by all Italians but the man has also managed to attract and involve many young people thanks to his sympathy and the participating artists who have united all generation. In addition, there were five women, one for each evening, which accompained the presentation each in their own way: Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Sabrina Ferilli.                                                

After the victory of the young rock band “Maneskin”, who triumphed immediately after also at the Eurovision Song Contest, this event will be hosted in Italy, in Turin, in the month of May. This year we saw the victory of the Mahmood – Blanco duo. The two young people brought to the festival the song “Brividi”, written by them, which speaks of deep feelings that unite everyone and that with his melody and its original features convinced the juries and the public. First on the podium, they were followed by the singer Elisa in second place and by Gianni Morandi in third.

The festival  has achieved its success thanks to the contribution of all the people who were interested in it. The artists in the competition, the orchestra, but also the guests and the public who followed from the Ariston Theatre or from home are fundamental. Not to forget, however, there are also the stylists and all the technicians who take care of important details.

The many singers each carry forward their own story and personality through the music that never tires. I love music and I am always happy to discover the music that made history and in search of the one that, with its diversity, will be able to enrich it.

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