The Italian President

Sergio Mattarella was born on 23rd July, 1941 in Palermo; he has got three children and his wife was called Marina Chiazzese.

He is the 12th Italian President. He has been the President of the Italian Republic since 2015; the time for an Italian president is 7 years, but a president can be re-elected, as it happened to Giorgio Napolitano, the first president to be called for a second term. This year (2022) there were the elections for the new president. The elections lasted one week, and the new president is Sergio Mattarella again. He didn’t want to be president again because he isn’t young anymore and he is tired but the Italian State needs him and so he replied “present”.  When he was re-elected he gave a beautiful speech in which he affirmed his love for his people. Speaking of speeches, every year at Christmas and on the evening of the last day of the year he gives a speech in which he wishes happy holidays and good resolutions for the new year.

In his life he lived in Rome and then he became a lawyer, an academic and finally a politician. His childhood’s dream was to become a politician in honor of his brother Piersanti, former president of the Sicily, killed by the mafia in 1980.

His life was full of successes because he has made his dreams come true: obviously, his dreams have been realized thanks to his deep commitment.

He also has a great passion for sport; in fact, this summer he personally honored the Italian athletes for their successes with a meeting where he met all the athletes.

To conclude, in my opinion Sergio Mattarella is the best president that Italy can have at the moment.

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