After the feminism of the Seventies, the woman has understood many things. She has learned how to rebel to man. She wants the same rights, the same chance and she wants to be considered like other men. Perhaps, feminism has exagerated a little, in the sense that women fought against the eccessive power of man and therefore they have risked losing a little on rights and duties they have applied for. Hovewer, after this revolution there is no longer the difference that there was once. Many women today hold important positions and each of them has shown she is able to do things as well as men. There is no longer a problem “woman”, but simply a woman who lives and works like everybody else. Can you imagine a world without women? It’s impossibile even imagine it!. Women are mothers, friends, lovers and many other things. Even men without women are impossibile to imagine. Women give life to their babies and they are always ready to defend their children. The 8th March should be considered, on the contary, a moment of reflection and meditation on the political, social and economic achievements of the women. In general, the Women’s Day originates from the women’s political movements of the early twentieth century to claim women’s rights. I don’t want to write about the past episode of violence in New York in 1908, or about the following women’s events. We don’t need to know those episodes! We ask respect for women. We ask for love for all the women in the world! We ask for gratitude towards all those women who sacrife their life for the others. We say “no” against sexual discrimination. We say “yes” to equal rights between men and women. The 8th March is not the only opportunity for women to go out alone with friends, leaving husbands, companions and children at home, which maybe on other evenings would not be allowed. Women should be loved and respected in every moment of their life. They are as important as men. Their role into the family is the same.

The International day is the occasion to educate public on issues of concern, because a woman can be different by a man but never inferior.

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Sofia Gamiddo


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