The interesting world of online tourism

The arrival of the Internet has launched the tourism sector into a new phase. The increase in the use of the network has revolutionized the world of travel, changing both the methods of buying the customer and the method in which the different offers are proposed.

One of the most important and revolutionary innovations that have characterized online tourism has been the birth of the Online Travel Agencies (OTA), or online travel agencies. The so-called OTAs are online brokerage agencies of the tourism sector whose task is to sell online tourist products such as accommodation, holidays and transport. These are booking portals on which the tourist can compare different offers of hospitality on the territory of his interest and reserve a reservation. Technically, they are referred to as Online Travel Metasearch and is used for bookings of accommodation world wide.

Founded in 1996 in Enschede, a small village near Amsterdam, as a small Dutch start-up, in a few years Booking became one of the largest tourist companies so much so as to be listed on the stock market “Nasdaq” within a short time from its birth. Today it is available in 43 different languages, it presents a multilingual service, both European and international, has over 28 million total registered units, 6.2 million apartments and houses, more than 1,620,000 user reviews, over 900,000 overnight stays per day and more than 30 million monthly visitors. The quality that allowed to emerge as a leader and to stand out from other competitors was the set of services offered to the hoteliers themselves: a digital platform not difficult to use, secure payments, low percentages of revenue required by the site, and the ability to get more visibility by paying higher commissions. On the basis of the success of there are also huge investments in the technology part of the online service that allows you to implement useful sales policies to offer each traveler different comforts during the holiday.The success of the site, moreover, depends on the strategies used to induce tourists to book on the portal and remain faithful thanks to customer care.

The Doubletree by Hilton is housed in the city of Trieste, borderland wide open to the sea, a centenary port and always a lively theater of culture and traditions. It is located in a magnificent historic building of great architectural value dating back to the early ‘900 in Piazza della Repubblica, a short walk from Piazza Unità d’Italia and Trieste Central Station.  Inside this building there was a historic library, dear to its inhabitants, that determined the intention to make the hotel an open space for external visitors, leaving them and the Triestines the opportunity to access the building to enjoy the services of bar and restaurant. For the design of this structure it was decided to adopt two different stylistic approaches, one celebratory and another strong entity, which alternate depending on the context in which they are inserted. The common areas have been placed in the heart of the building, inside rooms full of decorated boiserie, inlaid floors and majestic chandeliers. At the entrance, where you are greeted by the imposing fountain of the Gladiator and the lions, a non-invasive approach has been developed in which the reception desks are characterized by clean lines and a mirror effect to reflect the surrounding context. The historic lounge of the bar welcomes elements of contemporary design that alternate with the restored historical seats, elements that are framed by a coffered ceiling of gold. The same goes for the eccentric bar counter, which is inserted in a room enriched by a historic boiserie in leather and declares its contemporaneity recreating an intimate atmosphere typical of the cigar room. The hotel has 125 rooms, 25 of which are suites, characterized by the fusion between the beautiful original decorations and the design touches brought by the recent renovation. The aim of the owners was to diversify the types between standard and suite; some rooms have been created in areas rich in historical references in which the furnishings have been inserted preserving the floors and walls and keeping the original chandeliers. On the top floor, to make the most of the lighting offered by the existing skylights, light wells were created. For the bathrooms, they opted for a statuary marble covering that gives great light to the environment. The bespoke furnishings and rich fabrics and warm colors complete the luxurious and welcoming atmosphere of the rooms. The hotel is also equipped with multifunctional conference rooms, wellness room and fitness room to meet the needs of each guest always ensuring maximum comfort. The Novecento Restaurant Trieste and the Berlam Coffee Tea & Cocktail,, located on the first floor, complete the picture which offer an experience characterized by refined, local and seasonal flavors, both in the menu of the Chef, and in the cocktails of the Barman. An extensive wine list, craft beers, spirits, delicate sweets, gourmet snacks, combined with a first class service, will accompany the trip to Trieste.

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