The influence of the war on the United Kingdom

For years, the UK has practiced a policy of attracting Russian capitals fleeing Russia.

Many of the elements established in the most exclusive areas of Mayfair.

Hundreds of British soldiers have been sent to NATO countries close to Ukraine.

It is the UK’s latest likely move as a deterrent to Russia and a potential Moscow attack on Kiev.

During an interview, the new British Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, compared the aims of the Russian

president to those of the Soviet Union, saying: “Putin stop immediately, because it would be a tragic and huge mistake”.

History has taught nothing to the Kremlin, such an invasion would only create a useless quagmire and many victims, as we have already seen in the USSR war in Afghanistan and during the conflict in Chechnya.

We, the free world, must defend ourselves and counter global aggressors “like Russia , China and North Korea.
This incident made it even more difficult for the youth of the boys to be involved in two situations that they never expected to experience.

During the covid emergency we were all locked up in our homes, in our world trying to find normality, and now that it was improving, the war that is devastating the population, the economy of various towns and cities has
taken over.

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