In these hard times this is probably one of the most difficult topics we have to face. Even if we are living in a crazy world where somehow we hope to be “negative” under the current point of view, we should never forget to think in a “positive” way. Actually we just must be always positive. But why? Why should we be happy or put a smile on our face while our planet is crying a pandemic crisis, facing climate changes or fighting, still today, abominations like racism or gender disequality?

Well, first of all because being negative and furious would only mean to surrender to those absurd ideals and horrible realities. Second , because being able to see good in everything we do, feel and face doesn’t mean that we are afraid to fight these things or that we ignore them: it means we are stronger than them. If we take a look to what we lived a few months ago when we were on our first lockdown, we may see that we suffered a lot of pain or that we were very bored. But we can still get some good out of it. For example, we have spent a lot of time with our families, we have  practised our hobbies more, we have played instruments, watched more movies than we can count and cooked a lot. We have also complained about our streets being empty, but this also meant that our nature has started to breathe again.

These difficult times have helped us to understand that we shouldn’t take anything for granted, because we have understood the importance of a hug, a kiss, of our relationships with friends and loved ones. Even if we are exausted, when all of this comes to an end, we will be better human beings for those who are coming after us and for those we have lost. Moreover, we have to keep this mentality of staying positive because, thanks to the situation we are living, we are now able to understand how  putting a smile on our face and going on can be important.

Now, this could be something you have  heard a thousand times but it couldn’t be more true: those who want to put you down can take everything from you, but they can’t take away your smile. Not even the face masks we must wear today can, it is true they hide it, but it is still with us, it has to be.

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