It can be said that there is no person in the world who has no passion.  We all have free time during which we dedicate ourselves to doing something we like.  we all feel pleasure in carrying out some “free” activity, whether it is taking care of the plants, watching television, being in contact with nature.  It is also common to have a favorite sport, whether you play or watch it.  All kinds of sports are very demanding both physically and mentally. To succeed in sport you need a lot of concentration, but what makes us champions and makes the difference is passion.  Passion drives us to hours and hours of training, makes us endure truly remarkable physical and mental efforts.  Sport is essential for all people, of all ages, but especially for young people as it engages the body and mind, and creates relationships with others.  However, there are people who pride themselves on doing no physical activity;  others, on the other hand, spend more hours of their day in the gym or running in the park, or enjoy team sports.  the first aspect of sport is really the relationship with the body, that is, being aware of one’s limit, but also striving to overcome it.  Another essential aspect is the time we spend in sport: we are in a sort of suspended time, marked by heartbeat, sweat and fatigue.  Sport therefore educates us to take care of the body, to the relationship with teammates, to improve in view of a goal, to spend our time in a healthy way.  It is therefore an essential part of our life.  I personally practice swimming, a sport that makes me feel good, stretches the muscles and relaxes the mind.

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Pandolfino Chiara



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