As citizens of the world, each of us feels that we belong to a specific place, which can be linked either to the place of birth or perhaps to the place where we grew up. Despite this subtle distinction, we are all united, in one way or another, by the affective attachment to our homeland. It often happens that a person or a family has to move away from what is their land for work issues, then a shift to the needs of an economic nature. However, on the other side of the coin, there are as many people who are forced to flee to save their lives, and unfortunately today this phenomenon happens more and more often; people who every day are looking for their own “journey of hope”, because essentially it is precisely this, of hope, because when you take away everything, starting from your home, your affections until you get to your rights, and arrived at a state of such degradation, the only thing you can hold on to is hope, the only driving force capable of pushing people to go ahead and fight for their rights that were brutally taken away from them. The only gesture of comfort and help that we, people not actively involved in the war, can and must offer is hospitality, moral support as much as possible because we can only imagine how we can feel, when every morning men, women, and children are awakened by the deafening noise of bombs, by seeing around them the death of their fellow citizens and the destruction of their own land, which at times is impossible to recognize, by the incessant sound of sirens that force them to stay minutes, hours and even days in the bunkers, without ever being able to see the sunlight.

Being in solidarity means helping our neighbour, morally and materially, and is synonymous with brotherhood and love for others; all these ideals are good to spread them also and especially to those who belong to other societies and ethnicities because solidarity should be a constant presence in our character and in our way of doing things.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, solidarity is a value that is disappearing, supplanted by selfishness, competitiveness, and other negative attitudes and feelings.

From an early age, we try to improve ourselves but, to do so, we often confront people who have the same intent and then enter into competition with them. In fact, healthy competition can also be useful to make us see the world from a different perspective and can make sure to stimulate and motivate us to make progress, but often the contention becomes negative and only aimed at prevailing over others, leading and disfigure others. It would be appropriate for the values of brotherhood and solidarity to be more widespread in modern society because in this way it would be possible to live better without so many clashes and so much hatred.

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Martina D’Angelo


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


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