We all know that nowadays science is indispensable in our lives, so it is fundamental that teenagers should consider the idea of studying this subject or finding a job in this field.

There are two ways that can induce students to do it.

First of all, it would be a great idea if all of us started using social media in the right way.

Adolescents use them several hours a day, but with a different, more conscious use they could discover people that could inspire them only by talking about their lives; for this reason it could be helpful if they “followed”famous scientists who could make them keen on science.

The same goes for TV because we rarely hear about this topic.Tv programmes only talk about famous actors or singers even if in the last few months we have heard of scientific progress more often due to the pandemic. For instance, all of us know that scientists have created a vaccine for covid in a short period of time, so the fact that science could be helpful for people’s health can encourage teenagers to undertake a route in this magnificent discipline. 

Secondly, schools should provide pupils with the necessary materials to dedicate themselves to practical activities with science classes because some students might have economic difficulties. 

In conclusion, I think there’s no more effective way to encourage younger generations to study science than letting them know famous scientists because only by meeting them and listening to their experiences, students can be influenced on their future choices.

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Clarissa Sanfilippo


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