The importance of school

School is very important for the growth of children and it must be considered as a place where every child is accompanied from the age of 6 to the age of 18, through a path of knowledge of the world. The role of school is to educate children to be ready to face life, by teaching them freedom of thought and independence.

School should be considered as a real common good, but sometimes for many young people it is a sort of burden or a source of anxiety, mainly when they live the school environment with a sense of worry about failing, about having bad marks, but above all when they are made fun or bullied by their peers. School should be considered as a big family where everybody can express his/her own ideas without any fear, and also a great fortune, a tool everybody needs to fight ignorance.

School is our passport for the future! The world can only be saved by the breath of school, and the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

The right to education is a fundamental and universal right, but unfortunately in some countries of the world it isn’t so! Therefore, let’s appreciate the school that we are allowed to attend, and think about those children who can’t attend one and can’t have the opportunity to build their future!

Let’s always remember that school is really important and it has a fundamental role in our lives!!

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Aya El Aouny



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