The importance of organ donation

Organ donation is an anonymous and free act of solidarity.

It is important to donate as the number of people waiting for a transplant increases more and more and this practice is often the only way to save or improve a person’s life.

There are two types of donation: cadaver and living donation.

Cadaver donation is the most widespread in Italy. Organ donors are people of any age who die in hospitals in intensive care units. Donors of this type can donate all organs (heart, liver, kidney, etc.) and some tissues (musculoskeletal, vessels, corneas, etc.).

The living donation, on which the National Transplant Network has been working a lot in recent years, can only take place for certain organs, such as kidneys and liver. For this to happen, there must be a family bond (for example mother-child) or affection (for example husband and wife) between donor and recipient.

The path that leads to donation and transplantation is full of rules and regulations that protect the donor, ascertaining their psychological and physical state of health. In addition, there are some organs that can be donated from living beings, such as the amniotic membrane, skin, and bones.

All those who have reached the age of majority can express their consent or their refusal to donate organs and tissues. Your consent can be formalized by registering with AIDO: the Italian Association for Organ Donation.

In the event that an individual during her life has not expressed any choice, after death, family members will decide for him.

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