It has always been said, from the most remote times, that in our society we have four kinds of powers: the executive, the judiciary, the legislative, and the most important, the informative one. We would be nothing without information, acknowledging the most important facts that are going on around our World.

Actually, we can get information about every kind of news nowadays. So, if we are interested in sports, we can read about it. If we love technology, we can visit many websites about this subject.

To be fair, I mostly like to be informed about things that actually are dear to my heart. So, I spend a lot of my time reading psychology articles.

In Italy, the journals that are specialized on this subject are many, but my favourites are three in particular:

1)       “Rivista psicologia Riza”. It is one of the first modern psychology journals born in Italy, as we know them today. It has a monthly frequency and is directed by Raffaele Morelli, who founded it in 1980. It is based on the concepts of the so-called “philosophy of well-being”, that is, in seeking the answers to the discomforts of modern man in the psyche.

2)       “Giornale italiano di psicologia”. Here we got one of the most authoritative psychology journals on the Italian scene of the last 30 years. Its success is due to original research contributions, reviews, interventions, and insights into the state of the discipline in Italy and abroad. Very useful also for non-connoisseurs of the subject. As it manages to provide critical information on the latest psychology news, offering interesting food for thought and debate for all readers. Excellent tool to approach the subject, but also to specialize.

3)       “Rivista Psicologia Contemporanea”. I close with the scientific journals of psychology, quoting this bimonthly. Useful if you are interested in learning more about the different applications of this fascinating discipline. From wellness to neuroscience, from sport to communication and new technologies. But also brand positioning, personal effectiveness, or scientific self-help.

If we find ourselves more comfortable by reading online rather than the common paper journal, I have some websites about psychology to personally recommend:

1)       “Psic”. It was born in 1998 on the initiative of a group of licensed psychologists and members of the Professional Order. Initially as a journal of clinical, educational, and social psychology, in 1999 it went online, with great success on the web. The North Star is to dispel commonplaces about psychology and the role of the psychologist. Fighting against old labels such as “brainwashing” or “shrinking” and spreading a better background knowledge on the scientific value of the discipline;

2)       “Mind it”. Online journal of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, neuroscience, and current affairs. His is a very broad target, which means that you may find interesting topics in it if you are a professional looking for technical and specialist topics. But even if you were a simple enthusiast. Also, thanks to the newspaper’s blog format, which allows interaction thanks to the comments on the articles.

3)       “Psycho Forum”. This opens a window on the world of psychology forum. Also, to give a variation to more classic newspapers and magazines. “Independent Forum of Psychological Mutual-Aid” defines itself as a Psychic forum on its website, one of the best known. More than actual news or advice, you will find a place to meet and debate. Frequented mainly by people suffering from psychological or existential problems of various kinds and by…their loved ones.

But though I have named many of these kinds of journals, I have to admit I prefer reading paper ones, because nothing beats the incomparable feeling of having paper through your fingers and that beautiful smell of culture.

One of the journals that I prefer among the ones I have named is Rivista Psicologia Riza because it turns out to be very precise, very exhaustive, and also very interesting.

A recent article that I found very helpful was called “Anxiety: what it is, how it is and how to cure it.” The following quote which I’m taking from the article is very important to me  “When anxiety goes beyond the so-called critical threshold, short-term memory is inhibited, resulting in difficulties in cognitive performance, even if someone has studied for a long time”. To me, this was a revelation.

Since the pandemic, I have been asking myself why my memory has been affected. I mean, I’ve always had what is called an iron memory, but in the last period of time, this iron memory seemed to be turned into water memory, because I am very confused at certain times and I might forget about very important things, such as where the keys are, whether I have or I haven’t done something I should have done for the following day…

Thanks to these articles I grew up in a very constructive way, and I have learned not to fear anymore something that can be cured time by time, with no anguish at all. I am very thankful for those articles, which also helped me find my way in a passion that I think it’s going to be my future job.

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