Since the origins of man, music has always played a very important role in our society. It has accompanied the history of man over the centuries and has adapted to different historical and social situations: in the Enlightenment with Mozart, in Romanticism with Wagner, and finally with rock music in today’s society. It is therefore evident how important music is for us: at this point it is necessary to better explain why.. First of all, we cannot fail to emphasise its educational purpose: thanks to music, accompanied by an appropriate musical text, we can all assimilate simple but edifying messages that we all too often overlook in our daily lives. In this respect, we need only think of some of today’s great singers (such as John Lennon or Michael Jackson) who have spent much of their careers defending too many otherwise forgotten values: peace, brotherhood, charity. Their messages have revolutionised an entire generation and have been fundamental in the formative growth of us young people. Another factor not to be overlooked regarding the use of music in contemporary society is also its very important social function: it very often helps us to build new friendships, to consolidate existing relationships, and encourages us to socialize with other people with the same musical tastes. Many people, thanks to music, in fact manage to dialogue with others, opening up to new relationships: it is in this sense that, especially in contemporary society, where young people are now too dependent on “social networks” and on a virtual world that destroys every human relationship, it becomes fundamental. In fact, music does not have a language that varies according to the nations, but has a unique, universal language that destroys any cultural barrier and is simply based on a succession of notes and sounds. Of course, music also has a recreational function, which aims to have fun and relieve everyday stress. This is why it is used by young people, especially to escape from reality, and not always in a positive way: a clear example is the sad reality of discos, which many, too many times, instead of being a place of entertainment can turn into something quite different.

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Aquilia Guido




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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