Since I was a little girl, I had been studying English in kindergarten, and when my cousins ​​and uncles come in here from USA, I spoke to them in English …

it must be said that I have a great talent for languages, and Ustica was my luck.

 For two years now, I have been creating my own experiences, going around the island and talking to tourists from all over the world, giving them directions and making friends.

I started studying French at the sixth grade, and becoming fully aware to have got a talent for languages, this was for me not only a gift, but also my strength.

Now I can officially declare myself a French speaker, but even with English I am not kidding.

But in reality, I also study German at school, except Spanish and Turkish which I usually study freely on my own.

I love languages and I love English, so living in Ustica is a fortune for my constant training, which one day I will make it a profession.



Pitruzzella Eva


III A – Turismo
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