The importance of equality

Unfortunately, some people think that there are differences between human beings. These thoughts bring inequality and prejudices in our society. For example, some ethnic minorities are treated badly just because they look “different”. Maybe they speak another language or they have a particular culture. Many people see these dissimilarities since they think they’re perfect. Therefore, nobody is perfect and all of us are unique.

When we talk about equality and inequality, the first thing we think of is racism. Racism is something that continues to persist in our society. This word is basically the division of people into “races”. As I see it, this term is on of the worst in all the world because there are not races, just human beings.

We should keep in mind that we’re all humans and we are the same. It doesn’t matter if someone has a different skin colour or if someone’s beliefs are dissimilar from ours. Everybody should have the same rights since we live on the same earth.

Fighting racism is arduous since someone doesn’t care about equality. Perhaps, we should teach kids that there are not differences in the world. In my opionion they are more intelligent than adults, in fact they demonstrate how to love since they don’t know what “hate” is. Maybe many people lose their love when they grew up because the only thing they care of is being perfect in an imperfect society.

Sadly, racism bring discriminations in many areas as healthcare, education and civil rights. Moreover, racism includes the barriers that preclude people from being happy with their dignity due to prejudices.

We just need peace, please spread love.

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Sofia Picciolo


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