Over the last decade, social media have evolved in an extraordinary way, increasing both their presence in our lives, in terms of use, and their direct impact on our culture and economy. The Sport Industry, in particular, is a concrete example of the consequences in terms of business. Sport Influencers, by definition. New digital touchpoints, for viewing.

They are able to attract people, their data and any other information to themselves. It will no longer be just branding, awareness, the photo with the champion. It will be a structured strategy and its definition. This is the real evolution. Because those actors under contract, constantly filmed on stage, and now also behind the scenes and in their underwear, will be for the clubs and for all the brands that invest in sport, a continuous story but, above all, a gate on numbers and profiling.

Thanks to those spectators who are always there, in front of the screen: physically, digitally and virtually. For love, for religion. There are more likes, reactions and shares but also progressive involvement and personalization. Data and work plans that target people.

For example Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a world-famous goalscorer, indispensable for the teams he plays for, but also one of the most valuable athletes in the world for the companies he represents. A value that depends on the success on the pitch, the Champions League won with Real Madrid, the European Championship won with Portugal. But, also, from a successful management of its media which, through a content strategy organized around its image, has allowed it to be, today, recognizable and venerable as CR7; or Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player NBA star Lebron James has a following of tens of millions of fans – enough to rival fellow footballers – and one tweet of his is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, golfers Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt, pilots Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, wrestler John Cena – all of these athletes can count on the equivalent of a small nation or an army – armed with smartphones and tablet – on their side.

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