The Experience of a Teenager

It was March 2020 when our life had a change, a change that nowdays has marked the life of the entire world population, a “strange fatal cold”. Television and all social media spread the same news, the world was hit by an invisible enemy, unknown and deadly… Covid19. But which of us could have imagined such a situation? A real historical period that will be remembered over the centuries, a piece of history that will be studied by future generations.

March 2020 was the first month of alarm in Italy and in various parts of the world, every day at any time suddenly all the broadcasts and transmissions were interrupted to listen to the number of deaths, which grew day by day. No one was seen on the streets anymore and at the crossroads. Army patrols presided over the cities: <<<the enemy is here! Invisible, next to each of us, but you don’t see it!>>.

Piazza Verdi during the first Lock down in Palermo

 The political colours have disappeared, and the world is no longer a continent to discover, but a hotbed of sick people to avoid. We all fight a single enemy: Covid19. From one week to the next we have found ourselves forced to stay at home, not to go to school or work, not to go to see our relatives and friends, we were forced to do sports from home and study through a computer… all because of Coronavirus. We’ve been deprived of everything.

 Today the future is suspended, inside the fragile and powerful bubble of quarantine, every empty city appears even bigger, people walk fast because of the prohibition of gathering, smiles are no longer seen because covered by masks, and now it is mandatory to always carry the disinfectant gel. Everyone looks at each other suspiciously, and the new heroes are now the doctors and all the health workers.

 Students, catapulted into a totally interconnected world, have had many difficulties… the new way of learning and studying, related to video lessons, hasn’t been easy at all, with the various problems of connection and concentration.  It’s still really hard. Another negative point is the many hours we spend sitting in front of the monitor: it is tiring for our eyes, back and mind.

If I were to think positively and see the glass as half full, I would say that the pandemic and its lockdowns have decreased the very high levels of pollution and gases that were dispersed in our atmosphere. Nature has had a relief.

This year a glimmer of hope has been kindled thanks to the spread of vaccines, something we had been waiting for a long time… “the road is still long, but fortunately we have the vaccine” said the Italian Health minister Roberto Speranza.

I have a lot of faith in this project, I think it will really be our salvation and that it will bring back us into our world, I hope to get out of this tunnel and that all this will end as soon as possible to return to our daily lives, full of encounters, hugs, smiles and joy.

I have high expectations for this summer, I want to see my friends again and feel free to be together, to travel and see the people I care about. I need to resume the time that was stolen from me. At my age it is important to live with fullness and without negative thoughts… This whole situation has made me more mature but also more fragile, the fear that I feel and that kills me from the inside… I want it to disappear.  Fortunately I can face situations and move forward, thanks to the people who every day support and listen to me, my family.

Today I can say with hope and little certainty that “EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE”

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Giulia Cangemi



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