The house of paper

Let’s talk about the house of paper, a Spanish series known all over the world. Most of young people all over the world have already seen it, but even the older ones did. I personally did a survey in my class of 21 people: half of them saw it! A few years ago some “vandals” noted the popularity of the series and to prevent people in big cities from seeing it, put up billboards containing spoilers (previews) but their plan failed. What is the famous series about? A gang initially of 9 people all with a criminal record like Nairobi, who has falsified banknotes since he was 13 or like the professor, an unknown identity that has not renewed his card for more than 15 years! All with a single goal: to rob the state mint, goal that a few less components will achieve. Each of them continues his life in wealth but a serious event leads them to enter a new mission to rob the bank of Spain, this time to extract gold! This is the series that has made millions of people glue to devices. Then they also added merchandising and here is the real bang.
From the beginning I have always followed The paper house till today because in my opinion it is a very beautiful, intriguing and interesting series. This is also due to the skill of its actors. I recommend everyone to watch it!

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Lusyana Alyssa Catalano