The Highland Games: a trip inside Scotland’s cultural heritage.

If you’re planning to visit Scotland, you can attend a famous and creative festival there.

It consists of special games which take place every summer in the Highlands regions.

Highland games have been an integral part of Scottish culture for hundreds of years; this is hardly surprising considering that every event celebrates a strong sense of belonging to the Scottish community.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of these very picturesque contests, don’t hesitate! The most prestigious event takes place in Braemar on the first Saturday of September, in attendance of the Queen herself.

During the festival, there are strength contests and men in kilts compete in-throwing logs, rocks, hammers, tug of war, and Scottish wrestling.

You will for sure love the festive and friendly atmosphere, rhythmed by the sound of bagpipes.

In fact, the events also include dance and music, as well as other fun opportunities for families, such as stalls of artisan and gastronomic products and games for children.

You can also admire animal parades and even contests to crown the best dressed-up pet.

These games are also held in other countries such as Canada, Norway, New Zealand, and Brazil due to their huge popularity: when the Scots emigrated to other lands, they brought this tradition all over the world with them. However, only in their home country, you can experience the perfect traditional Scottish atmosphere!                                                                        

According to some, the origins of the Highland Games go back to the 11th century, when King Malcolm III organized a race hoping to find the fastest runner in the area and make him his personal messenger.  Still today many games include hill racing!

The Highland Games, as we know them today, have been held in Scotland since the 1800s and they have evolved not only into a test of creative and artistic skills, to entertain kings, queens, and clan leaders.

So, after reading this, what are you waiting for? The Highland games are waiting for you!

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