“ No inheritance for ungrateful children, I leave everything to the dog ”: is the decision made by Om Narayan Verma, a 50-year-old Indian farmer, who lives in the Chhindwara district, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

The man has decided to completely exclude the children from his will, replacing them with Jacky the faithful family dog ​​and including his second wife. As local newspapers report, the 50-year-old has no intention of changing his mind: “They are the ones who have taken care of me and have always supported me, my children have not.”

At the moment Om Narayan Verma owns a land of eight hectares and, in the event of his departure, the dog will become the owner of half of the possessions. The farmer had three daughters and a son from his first wife and two daughters from his second, but none of them were mentioned in the will, a decision the man explained to the media: “They let me down. If they want a part of my legacy, they can take care of Jacky. “

It is funny but moving too how life sometimes questions the love that there can be between a farmer and his children, so much so that he considers his dog a real family member, an animal renowned for its loyalty and for its heart.

Many wonder how it is possible but I believe that if an animal has managed to make a man smile more than the same children who have always rejected him, so be it, the land dog deserves more.



Liotta Antonio


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