The Guinness World Record

The record books is one of the most sold in the world. Its success is incredible, with over 143 million copies sold in 100 countries, with translations into over 40 languages. The database currently contains over 53,000 records, to which are added each year about 8,000 new book record. It gives us a lot of information on the various types of world records, even those that we do not expect to be world records we can find them enclosed inside this book. The name Guinness Guinness breweries derives from Sir Hugh Beaver, and although for many years the book and the industry are no longer associated, the new book publishers have decided to keep the same name to honor the ties with the past. The breweries have obviously agreed to use the name, finding a profitable way to advertise without being sponsor. Since 1955, when the first edition of the book was published, some records have not yet been overcome: it is the longest solar eclipse the champion of the world heavyweight boxing in office longer, the largest concrete dam, the best-selling album, the biggest office building and the stadium most grande. A more than 60 years, Guinness World Records today do not it is only the supreme authority which officially certifies the record-breaking, but has become a real company that offers different products and services, especially in the field of digital solutions, events and marketing. One of the strangest Guinness World record and crazy in this book is the strongest juggler of the world. It is the Slovakian Milan Roskopf, who managed to twirl three balls from 10 pounds to 15.80 seconds. Another of the strangest records in the book is the period of survival without food : 382 days, although, to be honest, the record holder originally weighed 214 kg; Thanks to this enterprise came to weigh about 80 kg. It is a book full of curiosity, I can tell you that it is a fantastic book.

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