The feast of St. Joseph is the most important religious event in the city of Santa Croce Camerina. The first celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph took place in 1832 at the behest of Baron Guglielmo Vitale, who, after his death, left part of his patrimony to Cathedral Church of St. John the Baptist precisely to finance the celebrations in honor of St. Joseph, to whom he was devoted. Since then,during  the week of March 19th, Santa Croce Camerina,  has been retracing the historical habits that have always characterized the Feast of San Giuseppe. During the  weekend all the scheduled activities are carried out, in order to keep the traditional customs alive. The streets around the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, which also houses the Simulacrum of San Giuseppe, and   Vittorio Emanuele II square, are  filled with various stalls of the Country fair which takes place concurrently. But the main attraction is  the Offer dinners, in which numerous kinds of Sicilian food are  auctioned and the remains will be donated to the poorest families . Among the typical products there is the Bread of St. Joseph, made in different shapes, each of which linked to a symbolism attributable to St. Joseph, from the beard to the stick. The celebrations culminate in the procession of the Simulacrum among the city streets, which are enriched by the stands of the village fair.On the altar, in ancient times there were also plates of wheat, chickpeas or sprouted lentils and various   forms of bread: the bread in the shape of “vastuni” (stick), the “rusiddi” the bread in the shape of a rose “, shape of “sphere”, the “cucciddati”, a “varva” (the beard of St. Joseph), fish, cockerels, pears, baskets, and invariably the bread in the shape of the Saint’sinitials, the S and G. potato balls, arancini, fennel and oranges. the varioustypes of local biscuits: savoiardi, scaurati, honey biscuits, soaked biscuits, biscuits with must, those with milk. Because of Covid restrictions  the feast of St.Joseph cannot be celebrated.

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Mandarà Clarissa, Moussa Hadil, Mabrouk Farah ,Seferi Mateo,


2 C Liceo Scientifico ” Q. Cataudella ” Scicli (RG)

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