The fantastic world of Youtube

This article talks about the platform “Youtube”.

Youtube is a platform on which people all over the world publish videos. There are some different categories of videos like funny video, informative video, and others.

In Italy, youtube is a platform so popular, I often watch youtube in free time. The people who publish video on youtube are called YouTubers.

I follow many YouTubers but my favorite are “Il Masseo” and “Cicciogamer89”.

The platform was invented in 2005 by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley.

Almost all the famous people have a youtube channel.

The Youtuber can be a job because Youtube pays much money to Youtube’s stars. Youtube gives also a prize for 1million followers, and the prize is a beautiful trophy whit a Youtube logo.

The most famous YouTuber in Youtube is PewDiePie: he is Swedish and has more than 100milions followers. For this achievement, Youtube gave a special trophy.

Youtube in Italy gave us some funny moments but now Italian YouTubers aren’t funny anymore, they stay on Youtube just for money so they make content for 7-8 old kids.

Now the real YouTubers and not only stay on another platform called Twitch: on it, the videos aren’t just streaming but you can optionally sub with money to support the streamer and there is a chat where anyone can write what they want but respecting the rules of the chat (the streamer say us the rules).

The principal thing that the YouTuber stream are video games like Minecraft, G.T.A, Fortnite or others. They sometimes stream their reaction to other videos but anyone stream videos where they talk about new topics or creepy stories… In Italy creepy stories are called CreepyPasta, this word means daily creepy stories.

Hopefully, one day I’ll make some Creepy Pasta too!

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