The end of the emergency

In the last two years of the covid-19 pandemic, our life has changed radically. We have changed all our habits and we have had to adapt to different restrictions, such as staying indoors for many months without being able to see friends or relatives. While being isolated inside the walls of our house, we lost the perception of time and we no longer remembered what day or what time it was, the days passed by and we had no idea when we would be able to leave our homes again.

After these two long years of a health emergency, it will be difficult and beautiful at the same time to return completely to normality. Maybe, it will not be easy to get used to being among people without masks as it was before. It will be good, however, to regain physical contact with people and the opportunity to hug or communicate, not only by looking into each other’s eyes – which we have now learned to read. In particular, we young people cannot wait to go out with friends without worrying about getting sick. We miss hanging out with friends, going for a walk, going out for lunch or dinner, and just having fun. We are tired of always being closed in our houses, because we need to socialize, interact and react. I mean that, after all this time, we need to return to life.

I hope that we will be able to live in normality again very soon, and maybe spend a special summer. I also hope that we will return to travel safely. Perhaps, a safe school trip with my classmates, so that we can learn languages outside the classroom ​​and get to know new cultures and traditions. I study foreign languages and experiencing new cultures, not only virtually, would be an important thing both for my professional and personal growth.

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Nocita Maria


2° B Liceo Linguistico