The end of the emergency

The cessation of the state of emergency mainly concerns using the basic green pass only for: canteens and continuous catering on a contractual basis; catering services carried out at the counter or at the table, indoors, from any establishment, with the exception of catering services within hotels and other accommodation facilities reserved exclusively for customers staying there; public competitions; public and private training courses, without prejudice to the provisions of article 9-ter.1 and articles 4-ter.1 and 4-ter.2 of the decree-law of 1 April 2021, no.  44, converted, with modifications, by the law 28 May 2021, n. 76;face-to-face visual interviews with inmates and inmates, within prisons for adults and minors; public participation in shows open to the public, as well as in sporting events and competitions, which take place outdoors; long-distance means of transport (airplanes, ships, high-speed and intercity trains, scheduled buses), as detailed in paragraph 5 of article 6. It also concerns the use of the super green pass (or reinforced green pass) for : swimming pools, gyms, team and contact sports, wellness centers for indoor activities, including changing rooms and showers (with the exception of those accompanying non self-sufficient people); conventions and congresses; cultural centers, social and recreational centers, for activities that take place indoors (excluding childcare centers); holidays after civil or religious ceremonies or similar events that take place indoors; game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos; dance halls, discos and similar venues; shows open to the public and sporting events and competitions that take place indoors.

Access to the premises of schools and universities, all school staff of the national education system and of non-peer schools and universities.  But what will change also?  The system of colored areas will no longer be in force, May 1st with the gradual abandonment of the green base base and the super green pass, it will also be possible for over 50s to access workplaces with the Green Pass Base.  The government has also provided for the gradual abandonment of FFP2 masks.  Who will no longer have to wear masks until April 30th?  Children under the age of six; people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask, as well as people who have to communicate with a person with disabilities in order not to be able to use the device; those who are doing sports.

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