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The elusive beauty of the night sky

Have you ever tried looking far up in the night sky?

Of course you did, but it looks pretty boring and stale: an endless dark blue sky with a few stars, the polar star and our moon. Now let’s imagine that you were camping in a forest far out from the cities, would that be the same? In that moment you would be witnessing a whole new experience, that dark blue sky is now filled with trillions of little lights of various colours, with some sticking out more than the others.

Why does that happen? Why can’t we always admire this beautiful wonder of nature?

The reason behind this question is: Light pollution.

It’s not like the normal pollution, but it’s still caused by us, humans; take for example photos taken from astronauts outside the earth, you can notice that in these photos there are no stars, just like in our night sky, and the reason behind it,  is that the light accumulated and released by our planet is stronger than the fleeble light released by the stars that are light years away from us, making it invisible to our eyes.

A similar thing happens in our cities and the area around them; all of the artificial light that we create at night, is making the stars in the sky “Invisible”, that is why we can see more stars in areas far away from cities.

What are we missing out on?

Most people actually don’t know what this phenomenon is and are missing out on some opportunities, looking at the night sky filled with stars can bring tranquility to our mind and help us relax, and maybe make us more interested in what exists outside of our planet, a camping trip outside the city can benefit most of us, it’s a change of pace and an occasion to enjoy the nature around and on top of us, or maybe a telescope can be a good distraction from all of the bad stuff that are currently happening in our planet.

In the end, stargazing is an underrated and uncommon experience that can help our mind to get at peace and make us feel better. Written by Michele Pio Bellavia

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