The election day in Italy: who will succeed Sergio Mattarella?

The month of January 2022 is very important for Italy: we are in an election period regarding the new president of the Italian Republic whose term lasts seven years.

For this reason, it is right to remember the importance assumed by the last President, Sergio Mattarella, during his seven years in office.

First of all, he was elected on January 31st, 2015, with 665 votes from the Elective Assembly. During his tenure he was a member of the Constitutional Affairs Commission, of the Foreign Affairs Commission, he was president of the Legislation Committee and has also held important positions in the legal, mafia, massacres, and terrorist fields, also living social experiences in first person. 

The figure of the President of the Republic must be of high morality and with an impeccable reputation. This is probably the reason why he is so esteemed by his people. The admiration that the Italians had towards him was given by his professionalism in resolving situations and by his determination to set himself and achieve relevant objectives. Young people also value him and often compliment the President through the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter. It is clear that Sergio Mattarella has perfectly covered his position, giving his best to Italy for years, and for this, it is essential that there is a man who can lead the Italian state well after the presidential elections, a man so estimated and appreciated as Sergio Mattarella is.

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Giulia Stracquadaini




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