The Earth Day is celebrated by United Nations (193 Countries) every April 22nd, after the Spring equinox. Born to celebrate the environment and to protect  the planet, at the beginning it was just an university movement,  becoming then an important, educational and informative recurrence which  today involves about 1 billion people.

We must thank  the activist John McConnell who in 1968, during UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, drew the attention of the audience and suggested to create a whole day dedicated to the Earth celebration. The proposal had  success and was developed the next year, but it got more interest from 2000s, when the event was organized on Internet with the presence of Leonardo Di Caprio as a special guest (if you peek his Instagram account, you will notice how he is focused on the topic in his posts). Every year there are thousands of events most of which take place in school environment. It is important to spread ideas about environment protection, starting from people who will carry on this planet in future.

The main issues deal with pollution of every aspect of the Earth (air, oceans and land), destruction of ecosystems and non-renewable resources such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. Little daily actions can help our world not to disperse its riches, recycling and reducing the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, in addition to the protection of endangered species. In fact, according to the scientists, we have just about a decade to take back the world beauty which everyday is deteriorating more and more.

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Sofia Mangiavillano


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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