The e-commerce development

One of the most popular activities on the web is shopping. It has a lot of charm and sequel – you can shop at your leisure, at any time and place. In the same way it is also very easy for buyers to create a showcase for their goods, literally anyone today can have their own web page built to show their specific goods and services.

The history of e-commerce dates back to the invention of the ancient notion of “sale and purchase”, of which it still exploits the end inherent in it today. E-commerce became possible in 1991 when the Internet was opened for commercial use. Since that date, thousands of companies have created their websites. In 2000, a large number of companies in the United States and Western Europe represented their services on the World Wide Web. From this point on, the meaning of the word e-commerce has changed. People have begun to define the term e-commerce as the process of purchasing goods and services available on the internet using secure connections and electronic payment services. Although the dot-com crash in 2000 led to unfortunate results and many e-commerce businesses disappeared, retailers recognized the benefits of e-commerce and began adding those capabilities to their websites. In late 2001, the largest form of e-commerce, Business-to-Business (B2B) model, had approximately $ 700 billion in transactions.

E-commerce has many advantages over physical stores and mail order catalogs. Consumers can easily search for their desired product in a large database of products and services. They can see actual prices, build an order for several days, put items in the cart, and send it only when needed. Customers can compare prices with a click of the mouse and buy the selected product at the best prices, among the multitude of site proposals. Online sellers, in turn, also gain significant benefits from the world of e-commerce. The web and its search engines provide a way to be found by customers without expensive advertising campaigns. Even small online stores can reach global markets. Web technology also allows you to keep track of customer preferences and offer personalized marketing, thanks to the management of cookies.

Talking about e-commerce is unthinkable without mentioning the largest platforms, Amazon and Ebay, which were among the first Internet companies to allow electronic transactions. Thanks to their founders, we now have a nice e-commerce industry and enjoy the buying and selling benefits of the internet. According to statistics, the most popular categories of products sold on the World Wide Web are music, books, computers, office supplies, and other consumer electronics.

In terms of daily shopping aid for the entire world population, e-commerce has consolidated its position as one of the most popular forms of purchasing. It is estimated that in the last year 77% of us have purchased goods online at least once even though millennials are the largest users of e-commerce services. Thanks to the fact that it can be an incredibly cost-effective method for the company that uses it, e-commerce is proving to be a considerably favorable and used option among big brands. Because of this, its popularity has skyrocketed for businesses. For consumers who can take advantage of the lower prices of the products these companies represent, it is a considerable advantage. Even during the sales period, the goods are further reduced, thus managing to be increasingly within the global reach.

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