In this article will tell you some “fundamental” points to become a novice youtuber.

How? Opening a YouTube channel is very simple; as a matter of fact, to do this you must first have
a private google account, then you can easily proceed with the opening of your channel. First of all, open YouTube from any device and go to your account, after that, a pop-up list will open and you
will have to click on CREATE A CHANNEL; once you have done this, just log-in into your account,
choose the name to use and you can start creating content.

When? To make videos on YouTube are not limited but if children start with their channels, they
must follow parental rules (for example not to show their face and obviously not to give their own
telephone number or home address to anybody). But if we look deeper on the YouTube platform,
we can find videos of very old people too.

How much do you earn? Now we will tell you how much you earn with YouTube but before saying it
we will tell you the requirements given directly by YouTube, that are at least 1000 subscribers and
4000 hours of views. By searching the web for how much you can earn, we discover that with 1000
views you earn from 1 to 5 cents. Obviously, if your channel “travels” better you will earn more
excluding VAT and taxes.

The richest youtuber in the world: Now you wonder but if we earn so little with 1000 views why
does Ryan Kaji earn so much? The explanation is simple, even if in reality there is a very
complicated speech behind it. Ryan, a 9-year-old boy, with his videos where he described toys
became so famous that he made a lot of money (200mln USD) because there was a chain of
games with his name and a series on Nickelodeon that increased his earnings.

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Emanuele Antoniello, Alessandro Amato



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