Iside: Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility.
A three-sided statue,  with three faces: one of a woman, one of an old, and one of a child. It represents Mother Earth and the cycle of life that is renewed. On her forehead she has a triangle with a flower in the center, it represents the Nile Delta from whose banks her long journey began and from where the Phoenicians spread the cult of the Goddess throughout the Mediterranean. In her hand She holds her symbols:
two snakes and a solar disk.
The statue, which might be Iside, was found inside a well, first it was kept in the village Arab Mosque, then in the Jew Synagogue, later on, it was placed in the Mother Church. But the bishop from Cefalù ‘Monsignor Castelli’ considered a sacrilege to keep it in the church, he ordered to destroy the statue by breaking it into a thousand pieces.

The jurors of the city, gathered and protested against the bishop decision. The notables of the city, deeply offended by his action, in 1775, in front of a notary, expressed their dissent and with the help of the brothers Caruso, who described the statue by drawing it in details, leave an illuminated testimony of the statue.
In 2015, the Australian artist ‘Paul Eolo Bottaro’, who arrived in Polizzi Generosa by chance, inspired by his curiosity, visited the village and went into the archaeological museum, and it is there that he knew the story of the statue of Iside, he was struck and fascinated and with the help of the artist, ceramist Giovanni D’Angelo, made the statue in all its forms, in all its beauty, a statue of 140 cm. This was extraordinary, but most extraordinary was that all the Polizzani inhabitants, even the children learned the story of the statue and they all used to visit the studio and watch the sculptor Eolo while he was working on his statue. Bottaro gives the statue to the citizens of Polizzi, and it was placed in the city palace, where everyone can admire its beauty and its mystery.



Aida Albanese


II A Polizzi Generosa
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