Every year, an international event called Safer Internet Day (SID) takes place on the second Tuesday of February with the aim to promote a respectful and creative use of digital technologies, especially between children and young people all over the world. It encourages everyone to take part, actively, in the creation of a safer and better digital environment for young people. Each of us knows the power of Internet; it creates copious opportunities for learning and acquiring abilities and knowledge. However, there are risks, too. Basically, SID wants to raise awareness about them. 

This year it was celebrated on 9 February with the slogan ‘Together for a better internet’ and various activities and events are proposed from different institutions.

The “De Gasperi” School of Marsala believes in the importance of this event and, every year, since the Sid has been created, takes part, actively, in it suggesting to students of Secondary School moments of reflection about pro’s and con’s of Internet and other creative activities.

This year, the students are participating in the Safer Internet Day event suggested by M.I.U.R.. It lasts one month and it is divided in two different sections. In the first one it asks to students to write poems, every week, dealing with different topics and to post them on  school’s Twitter account with the @MuseSocial SICILY and #PoesieSID tags.

Below,  some of the poems written by the students of “De Gasperi” School:

1. Oh captain, my captain.
My eyes see the shuttle get away from me,
my soul is into the space. Seven billion stars,
seven planets in my universe:
generous, sensitive, stubborn,
beautiful, eccentric,
extroverted, solar.
2.  We will rise again from the dark night
We will hug at the sunset
We will take each other by the hand
We will rise again from the bottom of our broken hearts
We will fall in love with life
We will run in the sun.

The second part, instead, is dedicated to a scientific experience: a scientific corner in which videos, photos and scientific activities will be posted and shared online under the #StemSID tag.

The goal is to show how Internet can be used in a safe and creative way.

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