In the last year, the world has faced a difficult situation, due to Covid-19 (coronavirus). Immediately, scientists and doctors set in motion to elaborate a possible cure for this rapidly spreading disease. In the first few months the situation was getting worse, because most nations had been infected causing many deaths. After about a year, the news came that scientists found the vaccine against Covid-19 and so they started exporting the vaccine to many states affected by this pandemic.

Are vaccines safe?

The Covid-19 vaccine was authorized only after a careful trial phase and after an accurate safety assessment. The vaccine is 95% safe for now. In any case, this vaccination will be monitored even after authorization.

What are the goals of the vaccination partner against Covid-19?

The goal of vaccination is to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. After an initial stage, which will be limited, vaccinations will develop growing. Vaccines are offered to the entire population but will only be carried out through an order of priority, taking into account the availability and risk of the disease.

What are the priority categories in the early stages?

Health and social health workers, both public and private, have a higher risk of contracting Covid-19, as they fight it in the “front line” and are also more likely to meddle with patients, in health and social contexts. In addition, vaccination of health and social health workers will help to defeat Covid-19.

Residents and people of aged care centers are classified as priority categories as this sector has been particularly penalized by Covid-19, due to several reasons such as the advanced age of residents.

People of old age or with pathologies are those who are most likely to take it or who have the least chance of surviving.

Will it be mandatory to get vaccinated?

At the moment, no state has a mandatory plan for vaccination.

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