The diet includes both benthic organisms and planktonic animals such as some jellyfish and some organisms with a gelatinous consistency that form colonies several meters long such as salps. It also feeds on fish such as seahorses and pipefish that frequent the  Posidonia meadows. Sometimes, in shallow waters, it searches for lobsters, crabs and shrimps and numerous species of molluscs that frequent rocks and corals.


Sea turtles are present throughout the Mediterranean, but with particular frequency in some neritic areas. The nesting areas are instead concentrated in the eastern half of the Basin. C. caretta  is the only species of sea turtle nesting along the Italian coasts. In the past, loggerhead nesting was regular. Nesting is now considered to be sporadic or occasional.


In the Mediterranean, the laying period occurs between the end of May and August and each female lays 3 to 4 nests per season every 2-3 years. Deposition usually takes place at night. Each nest contains on average one hundred eggs, placed in a hole dug in the sand and left there by the female, after having been carefully covered. The young, having broken their shell thanks to a particular structure, the “egg tooth” do not emerge immediately from the nest, but a few days later. Emergence can be synchronous or continue for a few nights, in relation to the greater or lesser synchrony in the rates of embryonic development. Once they have emerged, the hatchlings quickly head towards the sea, i.e. towards the brighter horizon. This behavior explains the disorientation effects that artificial lighting causes on the young, leading them to head towards the ground, thus causing their death. Once they reach the sea, the hatchlings swim continuously for over 24 hours, thanks to the stored reserves, moving away from the coast to reach nutrient-rich areas in the sea.

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Vincenzo Cianchino, Nadia Mallia, Alwssia Carnemolla, Noemi Scala


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