A few years ago some people were in the woods of Capizzi, a small town in the province of Messina, looking for mushrooms and, as often happens, they passed through an area dug by pigs. By chance, their eyes fell on a strange dark stone that emerged right from the hollowed point, it was just a truffle. No one among the inhabitants of the village and the surrounding areas had ever found any and there was no idea about the goodness.

The presence of some species of truffle was detected: ‘Scorzone’ or black summer truffle, black winter truffle, ordinary black truffle. Among the white truffles, the ‘Bianchetto’ is widespread and some species related to it. In Capizzi, this recent discovery has allowed the annual festival to be held since 2015. Within the event, it is possible to offer visitors the tasting of various typical products, with variations gravitating around the highly prized protagonist. Furthermore, the setting up of a mycological exhibition, containing more than one hundred and thirty different species of Nebrodi fungi, gave the public the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the vast world of local fungi.

The Nebrodi Truffle Festival is an event for those who love truffles and good food, but also for those who want to gain more knowledge about a territory rich in environmental and cultural resources. Visitors can visit an area rich in historical, artistic and landscape beauties, learn about popular and artisan traditions, and above all taste the typical specialties.

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Rachele Pellegrino Prattella


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