Today i am meeting one of people that says that has the Chimera of Arezzo.
He is Giorgio Damelio and he lives in Tuscany, in Florence.
” So, teel me about the Chimera, How is it?”.
The Chimera is a mythological creature, but, i saw it.
The animal is big, it is black, it has the body of lion, on the back it has the head of a goat and the tail is a snake.
It has sharp teeth and its roar is scary.
The Chimera is very strong, but at the same times is very beautiful.
” Where does it live? ”
” Its habitat is in the forest and it lives in a cave near the lake of Montedoglio ”.
” When did you see it? ”.
” For the first time the day of my birthday with my friends, and then every day at 6:10,59 when it is drinking from the lake ”.

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Stefano Polleschi


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