The British film industry

Hollywood, in California is the traditional capital of the film industry, but a lot of blockbusters come from British film studios.

Pinewood is a famous film studio in Buckinghamshire, near London. Their name is inextricably linked to that of James Bond, to whom they owe much of their fame; in fact, almost all of the films of the famous secret agent were filmed in them. The first James Bond film, Dr No, was made there in 1962. More than 20 films later, Pinewood Studios are still making the James Bond films. The 007 Stage at Pinewood is an enormous film stage. It’s 5,500 square meters. There is also a water tank for filming scenes on or under water. Pinewood Studios are famous for The Hobbit films and for Star Wars films, too. Both series needed very big spaces for their film action and Pinewood was ideal. The final adventure in the Harry Potter film series was shot in part and mixed at Pinewood Studios. The film made use of the world famous 007 Stage to creates sets that include the Dark Forest and also D Stage where Kings Cross and the Hogwarts Entrance Hall staircase were built.

The Harry Potter films were filmed at the Warner Bros. Studios in the UK and when the series ended, the studios opened as a tourist attraction where visitors can see sets and pros from the films. No fan of the Harry Potter book and film series can miss the Warner Bros. studio tour.

British visual effects are very famous and Hollywood film – makers often use British special effects company for their sci-fi and fantasy films.

Shepperton film Studios in the UK are also famous. The 2013 Gravity was filmed there. A British effects company took three years to create the effects for the film and thanks to them the company won an Oscar.

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